Comparing Vim and Emacs

Vim Emacs
Multi-mode keyboard-centric editing Single-mode keyboard-centric editing
Tries edit text, and only edit text. Tries to do everything
Starts Quickly Starts Slowly
Idiomatic use: 1 instance per file/project Idiomatic use: 1 instance - many/all files
Syntactic editing style Semantic editing style
Integrates well with unix tools Integrates well with unix tools
Usually the same everywhere Usually highly customised
Optional GUI Optional GUI
Doesn't see the point. Handles Pictures
Keyboard Macros Keyboard Macros
Save Many Macros Save Many Macros
Yes Edit Last Macro
Regexps Regexps
Many movement commands Many movement commands
Rectangle Editing Rectangle Editing
Syntax highlighting for everything Syntax highlighting for everything
At least two partial org clones. One of which uses emacs in the back end. Org Mode. Seriously. Org Mode
vim-multiple-cursors multiple-cursors-mode
regular linear undo or time-based undo cycle, linear or tree undo
cream allows single-mode editing. vim emulators for multi-mode editing. two of them.
Active vibrant community Active vibrant community
Email: Thunderbird, Mutt, etc. Email: Thunderbird, Mutt, etc plus gnus, vm, etc.
IDEs: Eclipse integration with Eclim IDEs: Many IDEs written in elisp. No eclipse integration.
Git integration with fugitive VC integration using magit
Almost RE Builder
Nope… ProofGeneral
No way I know to integrate with a chat (jabber) client jabber.el
irssi offers a few vim-like features erc, etc for IRC.
No coq integration – use CoqIDE coq integration
No tight agda integration – Use the command line tool. agda integration
hdevtools ghc-mod

Date: 2013-03-17 Sun

Author: Gareth Smith

Created: 2021-01-31 Sun 16:29